Sunday, December 21, 2008

Helpful Mommy (or Daddy) Tips!

Today I found a website that had posted a lot of parenting tips. I looked through and pulled out some of the ones I thought might be helpful. The website I got them from is http://mom.lifetips.com/, if you want to see more.

"Emergency" Diaper Bag..
Great advice for new moms - keep an extra diaper bag in the trunk of your car. In it have one of everything: diaper, small container of wipes, change of clothes, pacifier, etc. You never know when you´ll need it, and when you do, you will be very happy that it is there!!

Dirty Diaper Disposal Advice
Great idea for moms- keep a ziploc bag with a fabric softener sheet enclosed in your diaper bag. For those times when it is not convenient to dispose of a dirty diaper right away, the scent of the fabric softener sheet will replace the smell of the diaper.
*I'm not sure how well it would hide the smell, but I figured it'd be worth a try.

Reading to Your Children - Great advice
Encourage reading at a very early age. Even if you think your child is not listening, he or she is hearing different sounds and words when you read to them. Very good advice for new moms.
*My favorite tip on the list!

Errand Rounds to Improve Time Management
You will amaze yourself with how much you can get done in a short amount of time if you follow this advice for moms. Make a list of places you need to go to. Now place them in order from closest to home to furthest away and start the clock. This way, if an alternate stop is en route that you forgot, you will save even more time.
*I've done this a time or two and it really helps a lot.

Kitchen Safety
Try using this great idea - cook using only the back two burners on the stove. Practice turning pot handles towards a side or the back rather than at your body.

Crayon Marks on the Walls
The one and only thing I´ve ever found that will successfully remove crayon marks from a wall is a nifty little product called Goo Gone. I think you can get it at home improvement stores (Home Depot, Lowe´s, etc.). It´s also great for removing stubborn price tag and sticker adhesive.
*I use Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, they clean crayon and smudges off super easily!

Relaxing tip for moms - time for yourself
Try this great advice for moms, by moms, as hard as it seems, take 10 - 15 minutes each day for yourself. Read a book, take a bath, whatever makes you feel relaxed. A happy and calm mother is a wonderful thing for a child. If you schedule this in as you do other things, it will happen. If you need help, enlist your mom, husband, or a babysitter. This is a good tip for moms with children of all ages.
*This one makes me think of the Tracy Byrd song "When Mama Ain't Happy"!

Always Pack a Nightlight
Try this great advice - pack a small night-light when traveling with small children. When staying in new places, it makes for easier moving around in the middle of the night. It can also help young children more comfortable falling asleep in a strange place.

Picking Out Clothing
Pick out your outfit and your child´s the night before. This will save time (and possible fights!) in the morning. If they are old enough, let them set out their own outfit.
*whenever I do this it makes my morning go so much smoother!

Independent Children
Let children do all they can by themselves. This helps them feel independent, and frees your time to do the things you need.
*So true!

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Rebecca said...

Good tips. I actually bought the 7 shelf sweater hanger for the closet and that's where I store DS' clothes for the week. One section for each day.