Friday, December 12, 2008

Go Check Out This Awesome Giveaway!

First I have to say, It's finally snowing! Yay!It's our first snow this year! I can't wait to make a snowman with the kids tomorrow! Hopefully it'll snow enough that we'll be able to.

So, about the giveaway.....one of the blogs I follow, http://www.dointheworkingmomthing.com/ is doing a really cool one for some super cute stuff from Precious Girls Club. It would be a great gift! Any little girl would totally love it! It's easy to enter her giveaway too. You only have to comment her blog and say who you'd give it to if you were to win. You better hurry because you have to post your comment by December 14 at midnight eastern time. Here is the description of what's up for grabs:

"A plush dog like that of the main character's puppy.
A charm bracelet with a charm.
An extra charm for the bracelet.
Friendship bracelets.
Instructions on how to start your own Precious Girls Club.
Your own Precious Girls Club sign for your room.
Certificates of membership for your members.
A cute Precious Girls Club bag."

Hope you win.........or me! That would be cool too! ;)
~Good Luck~

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April said...

Hi! Thanks for blogging about my contest!