Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Waiting To Be Unplugged

I don't know what day.........I don't know what hour.........but soon, we will be........(dun, dun duuuuunnnnn) UNPLUGGED! First it was the phone and sometime, very soon it will be my one and only vice.......the Internet! So, I'm wondering, is there any kind of pill to help with Internet cravings, or maybe even a gum? How about Inter-ette gum? Anybody got some? What will I do with my time? No phone, no net, no satelite, oh my! Will I be forced to don an apron and change my name to June? I'm not sure, but I do wish this economy would pick up again and the paychecks would increase back to normal before I loose whatever sanity I have left!

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