Thursday, December 25, 2008

Bloggers Block!

I think lately, I've had a bit of bloggers block. I'm not sure if I can actually claim this disease or not since I've only been blogging for about a month now, and to use it would actually infer that I am officially a blogger. So far I just consider myself a wanna-be blogger. I could say I have wanna-be bloggers block, but that's just too much of a mouth full! In some ways I'm still trying to figure out which way I'm going to direct this blog. I read a lot of other blogs and get some really good ideas. I'm just not completely sure what I'm doing. I guess I'll figure it out as I go...... As always, I'm more than happy to accept any advice you'd like to bestow upon me! Here's an idea I borrowed from someones blog, I honestly can't tell you who's because I've been reading so many of them! The idea's theirs, but the content is mine anyway!

Ten Things I Hate:
  1. A husband who has a few too many, and suddenly wants to be up in your business about anything and everything imaginable.
  2. A house that no matter how long you take to clean it, only takes the kids 30 minutes or less to make it look like a cyclone went through it.
  3. Unsolved mysteries in the fish tank....."The Case of the Missing Fish (as in plural)"
  4. A wood stove that makes it like 90 degrees in my house.
  5. The voices in my teenage daughters head that tell her that her own vast array of knowledge far surpasses that of her imbecilic parents.
  6. The fact that my 10 year old son thinks he's old enough to have a girlfriend....
  7. Folding clothes, but mostly putting them away.
  8. The remote control thief, that keeps robbing us of ours, and occasionally returning it in the oddest of places.
  9. Small paychecks that never seem to stretch far enough.
  10. The Oregon Department of Revenue.

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chubskulit said...

There's nothing we can do about some of the things you hate because we are Moms. I am not happy with #2 - you're right about it, I am worried about #6 when my son get that age lol, I don't mind doing the #7 but hubby hates doing it too and lastly, we're in the same boat with #9...

About writing on your blog, just go with the flow of what's on your mind...

btw, I am following your blog now,..