Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Emma's Birthday Party

Emma had a lot of fun at her birthday party. She is now officially 6 years old! They grow up so fast, don't they? We had a homemade pinata filled with more candy than I ever hope to buy at one time again, and we played a couple of party games. She had a butterfly/anything I could get a good deal on, party theme and I think it went over pretty well. All except for the "Cars" party hats we ended up with. The boys really liked those anyway! She got a lot of presents, including a 14k gold heart necklace from a little boy in her class! So sweet, kindergarten love! .....lets hope I've got quite a few years to go before I've got anything too serious to worry about! All of the kids had a great time and I sent them home full of sugar!
Here she's about to blow out the candle, but I think she was more concerned with all of those presents!
Wow! A guitar!

Here's a picture of my attempt at making a pinata.
This is one of the presents I gave her. I won it in a giveaway at http://www.dointheworkingmomthing.com/ back in December. She's so excited about it! It's a really cute Precious Girls Club kit. It has some really cool club stuff in it and it has instructions for starting up her own girls club with her friends. She can't wait to be able to do it!

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joops said...

belated happy birthday to your daughter..